Liz Christensen

The Dichotomies of Desarae Lee

Interviewed for “In the Telling” podcast Episode 12 – Where Art Intersects, Author of 'Beginning Pen and Ink,' fine artist Desarae Lee talks about her illustrations, the values of pen and ink,…


Words, Words, Words with Scott Taylor

Interviewed for “In the Telling” podcast episode 5 – Making Ends Meet, Between Starving Artist and Celebrity, Profiles in Working Artists, author, actor and acquisitions editor Scott Taylor talks his…


Making Ends Meet

Between starving artist and celebrity, profiles in working artists In the Telling Episode 5, Show Notes Guests: author and acquisitions editor Scott Taylor, musician Columbia Jones and artist and educator…


On the Street at FanX April 2019

It is so easy to run into interesting people at FanX. I interviewed artists, authors, cosplayers and even a barbershop quartet. Pictures, links and episodes of on the street interviews…


The Writing of Candace J. Thomas

Interviewed for "In the Telling" podcast episode 1 - So Tell Me, An Introduction to the Local Storytelling Scene, Young Adult author Candace J. Thomas shares writing and publishing tips…


So Tell Me "In the Telling" Episode 1, Show Notes Guests: Candace J. Thomas, author of the Young Adult series Vivatera, radio and podcast personality Richie Steadman, opera guest Dr. Anthony Buck,…

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