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The Dichotomies of Desarae Lee

Interviewed for “In the Telling” podcast Episode 12 – Where Art Intersects, Author of 'Beginning Pen and Ink,' fine artist Desarae Lee talks about her illustrations, the values of pen and ink,…


Episode 12 Where Art Intersects

Portraits of two artists and storytellers, trauma, anxiety, depression and autism. After taking a break for the month of August, In the Telling podcast is back! Show Notes: Guests: fine…

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The Comedic Stylings of Luke Haueter

Interviewed for “In the Telling” podcast episode 2 – Peas in a Pod, Profiles on Three Local Podcasters, "Underqualified Idiocracy" writer, producer and host Luke Haueter shares his comedy, anxiety, cynicism…


Peas in a Pod "In the Telling" Episode 2, Show Notes Guests: Luke Haueter of the "Underqualified Idiocracy" podcast, Megan Smyth of "The Legendarium" podcast and Winter Redd of "Hungry Squared" podcast. This…


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