Liz Christensen
Sabotaging your Callback Audition
Photo by Ruca Souza from Pexels

Sabotaging your Callback Audition

I've seen this happen to at least one person every show I've ever cast. Sometimes its a person I've worked with before, sometimes it isn't. Invariably, someone who absolutely earned…


A Love Letter to the Ensemble

A Director's Fangirling Over Actor's without Character Names I'm gearing up to direct another show and you know what? I am stupid in love with the ensemble! It isn't cast…

Summer Break
Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels

Summer Break

Time to Try Something New I officially launched my "In the Telling" Podcast four months ago. In that four months I have published 100 different pieces of episodic content on…


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