Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights

an original four-part radio drama mini-series brought to you by Next Stage Productions

Next Stage Productions presents “Arabian Nights” in partnership with “In the Telling” podcast.

Podcast hosted episodes are embedded below, with YouTube hosted episodes linked at the bottom.

Produced by Liz Christensen

Adapted for Radio by Anthony Buck and Ed Farnsworth

Directed by Anthony Buck, Ed Farnsworth and William Killingbeck

Original Score by Zach Hansen


Abigail Philpott

Amanda Angerbauer

Andrew Oliverson

Anthony Buck

Briana Bedore

Cassie Jackman

Dane Ficklin

Ed Farnsworth

Eric Millward

Janilee Hutchings

Jeana Forthman

Jim Dale

Mark Chamberlin

William Killingbeck

Zar Hayes

Studio Engineer Michael Fewkes

Sound Editing by Anthony Buck and Liz Christensen

Sound Design and Foley by Jeana Forthman

Foley assistant Bryan Christensen

Cover Art by Jordan C. Brun

Additional Sound Design by Zach Hansen

“Arabian Nights” was first collaboratively adapted by Next Stage Productions as a full-length theatrical play which premiered in August 2015 at Clearfield High School in Clearfield, Utah.


Liz is the producer and host of both the entertainment podcast "In the Telling," and the webseries "She Made Me Do It." She is a produced playwright, theater director, choreographer, stage and screen actress, avid reader, listener and insatiably curious. The aim of all her artistic endeavors is to grow community through local storytelling and entertainment.

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