Liz Christensen

Thank you to my “In the Telling” sponsors

Episode 1 “So Tell Me” was sponsored by The King’s English Bookshop. With consignment opportunities, book clubs, discounts for educators, book fairs, author boot camps for teens and tweens, and consistent support for Utah authors, The King’s English Bookshop is an important local storytelling hub. Check it out on the corner of 15th south and 15th east in Salt Lake City.

Episode 2 “Peas in a Pod” was sponsored by Alliance LARP Utah. If you like board games, card games, video games, outdoor games, adventure games, storytelling, improvisation or acting, Alliance LARP Utah has a game for you. Immerse yourself in a collaborative story, play a character and be all that you can’t be. Find Alliance LARP Utah on Facebook.

Episode 4 “The A in Steam” and Episode 5 “Making Ends Meet” were sponsored by Next Stage Productions.  With a new, accessible adaptation of “Much Ado About Nothing” prepared for Shakespeare lovers and novices alike.  Performances May 9th thru the 18th at On Pitch Performing Arts in Layton.  Enjoy the comedy, romance and drama of one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays.

Episode 6 “In on the Action” and Episode 7 “Collaboration Creation” were sponsored by sponsored by BBMTYStudios. A space for independent creators to bring their work to life and show it to the world. Their first comic, “The Box,” is available for free on Webtoons and Tapas, and updates every Friday. Get drawn in to the suspense and horror of The Box. 

Scrapisodes have been sponsored by:

Anthony Buck has been teaching people to sing with greater ease and strength and with more beautiful tone for over ten years.  His students successfully sing musical theatre, pop, classical, and even rock music.

Let Anthony help you meet your singing goals!  Email to schedule a lesson today.

Behind the Scenes” have been sponsored by:

Laurie Ellsworth Photography. Specializing in individual, family and newborn portraiture. Artfully capturing and preserving moments and connections with those you love. You can find and book a session with Laurie at Laurie Ellsworth Photography on Facebook.

If you are interested in sponsoring one or more episodes of “In the Telling,” a series of Scrapisodes, a Behind the Scenes look, a Between the Lines book club discussion, or an On the Street special, contact “In the Telling” through Facebook.