What’s New in Season 2

What’s New in Season 2

Season Two of “In the Telling” begins Tuesday February 4, 2020

New Equipment, New Studio

I’ve upgraded from a Zoom H1n to Zoom H5 and I’m really happy about that. I love my portable kit. It’s very unintimidating to any introverted guests I speak with that aren’t used to microphones and interviews. It’s super easy to lug around when a guest would prefer I meet them somewhere other than my studio. Speaking of, I now have a dedicated studio space. Bits of it are still coming together. It’s cold out there and the comfortable and beautiful chair I bought for my guests squeaks so I’ll have to address that. Still, I’m looking forward to a dedicated space that will make my guests comfortable and my interview less interruptive to the general family life of my household.

Greater Consistency

I’ve learned a lot through my novice mistakes in Season 1. In Season 2, I anticipate better sound on a more consistent basis. And I can definitely promise a consistent format. I feel like I hit my stride two thirds of the way through Season 1 in terms of creating a process that would be balanced and sustainable in my time editing and post-producing interviews. I love the work I did throughout the Season, but I’ve figured out my format now. For example, I’m very grateful for the sponsors I’ve had, but I’m not taking sponsors any more. The money is nice, but I don’t like spending the on air time talking about them, even when I believe in and support their product or service. My podcast is my chance to learn what I want to learn and offer that learning experience to anyone else who’s interested. I just don’t feel like the time spent courting, arranging, recording and marketing sponsorships contributes to my primary objective and since I’m able to do this without it generating an income stream, sponsors are gone.

Aslo gone are scrapisodes. I loved them. They were fun and short and a pretty great idea, but since I’m jettisoning the format of weaving interview to synthesize information across genres, they just don’t need to exist anymore.

One guest, one deep dive at a time. I loved weaving guests together on a subject across disciplines, but it just takes too much time. Even if I was still using this to generate an income, it wouldn’t be worth it to me in expenditure of my time resource. I love my podcast, but it’s not the only creative, educational, exciting thing I’m working on. And regular listeners will still be able to catch themes and motifs across episodes. I assure you, I’m percolating these things intentionally and processing them off-air. If you ever want to grab lunch and geek out with me about how guest A articulated an insight that relates to what guest B two weeks later spoke about, I would love to brain dump chat about it.

New Guests

The Wasatch Front is home to an astonishing number of creators and creatives. There are things I want to go back to my Season One guests and talk about, but I still have tons of guests I haven’t even got to yet. So, I’m not saying I’ll never revisit a guest, or a topic for that matter, but I’m excited to follow my curiosity. Season Two starts with a multi-cultural children’s book publisher and already includes screenwriters, a storyteller and liar, and a decidedly business look at filmmaking. I’m interested in interviewing a photography, a choreographer and a sculptor. It’s going to be a fun ride.

First Anniversary Live Show

April third is the date of my First Anniversary Live Show, taking place in the Leishman Performance Hall at Centerpoint Legacy Theatre. I’ve invited all my Season One guests to celebrate with me and enjoy performance poetry by Makayla Keate and music by The Gontiks. I’m hoping to make this an annual tradition and I could not be more excited about it. If you’d like to attend, just drop me a comment. I’m holding a few tickets in reserve for my engaged listeners.

Original Radio Dramas and Comedies

This was never part of the initial plan. “In the Telling” is solidly about my pursuing a self directed Master’s Degree level education in storytelling, arts and entertainment without having to pay a College or University. But I have a resource, and skill set now, that has opened up the opportunity for some cool partnerships and collaborations. Two radio play mini-series will be edited and/or produced by “In the Telling” and be made available through this podcast hosting during the course of Season Two. And that may be the end of it. Or not. We’ll see where my curiosity leads me.

Fully transcribed Interviews

I have long wanted “In the Telling” to be as conveniently accessible as possible. My podcast hosting platform, Buzzsprout, has an automated transcription service for which I am grateful. My goal for Season Two is to not only utilize that service every interview, but to proofread and format the results so that the transcriptions are accurate and smooth. Time willing, I’ll go back and ensure that every full episode interview of Season One gets the same treatment.


I am so grateful for my Patrons. I am in the process of preparing a revamp of my Patreon page and perks.

New Website

Lizzylizzyliz.com is going to get a make-over. It’s about ease and aesthetics. I’ve no intention of putting up ads, but I’m looking at something that can load photos faster on a mobile device and is cleaner and easier to navigate at a glance.

Thank you for being part of my learning journey. Especially since I’m rarely good at something until I’ve spent time being bad at it. I can hear my mistakes all over Season One. I’m excited to progress. And I’m so grateful for the support, encouragement, engagement and connections you listeners have given me during this process. Here’s to more nerdy and fun learning about storytelling arts together!


Liz is the producer and host of both the entertainment podcast "In the Telling," and the webseries "She Made Me Do It." She is a produced playwright, theater director, choreographer, stage and screen actress, avid reader, listener and insatiably curious. The aim of all her artistic endeavors is to grow community through local storytelling and entertainment.

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  1. Jill Miller

    We all are “rarely good at something until we’ve spent time being bad at it.” Really enjoy listening with intention and looking forward to Season 2 (so much so that I am happy to be a Patreon patron)!

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