Violence is Sometimes the Answer

Violence in Storytelling with a stage combat choreographer and a film stunt coordinator

Show Notes:

Guests: Theatre Fight Director Justin Lee and Stunt Coordinator and Filmmaker John Lyde

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Quentin Tarantino has said, “Real life violence is real life violence. Movies are movies…It’s not the same thing at all.” His films are pretty violent, so he gets asked about violence a lot.  He has also said, “Violence is so good.  It affects the audience in a big way.” And lastly “Violence is one of the most fun things to watch.” 

Theme music by Gordon Vetas.
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Liz is the producer and host of both the entertainment podcast "In the Telling," and the webseries "She Made Me Do It." She is a produced playwright, theater director, choreographer, stage and screen actress, avid reader, listener and insatiably curious. The aim of all her artistic endeavors is to grow community through local storytelling and entertainment.

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